This Plant is The Most Powerfull Natural Remedy Against Cancer

In case you are wondering how is possible that most of us are not familiar with the fact that there is a natural remedy for cancer, the answer is that the big corporations are keeping us in the dark. They want to get back their money spent for researches about making a synthetic version of it.


That natural remedy is actually derived from the fruit of guyabano/graviola tree or the Sour Sop. It is amazingly efficient and stronger than the chemo therapy.  You can even use it as prevention by drinking the soursop occasionally. It is completely natural, it doesn`t have side effects and the taste is bearable. You can even plant it in your garden, if you have one.

Due to the drug makers, many people lost the battle with the cancer by being kept in the dark. They simply didn`t know about the powerful Graviolla tree and its beneficial effects.

The tree has several names. It is called guyabano or graviola in Brazil, guanabana in Spanish and soursop in English. It is a low tree but the fruits are quite large. The secret lies in the sweet white pulp, used for making sherbets or fruit drinks.

The truth about the plant is quite simple:  It grows deep in the Amazon Rainforest and it can change what most of the people think about the cancer treatment and the chances of survival.

However, the graviola is a great antimicrobial agent for fungal and bacterial infections too. It lowers the high blood pressure, it is effective against internal parasites and worms and moreover, it can be used for nervous disorders, stress and depression.

There was a research according to which this plant has the following beneficial effects:

  • Improves your outlook on life and boosts your energy
  • Avoids deadly infections and protects your immune system
  • Helps you feel stronger and healthier
  • Attacks the cancer effectively with a natural therapy that doesn’t cause nausea, weight loss and hair loss.

This fruit was tested in 1970` by a one of the largest drug manufacturers in America. The company started a search for cancer cure, and it researched the Graviola plant from the Amazon Rainforest. The drug company spent 7 years trying to synthesize 2 of the most powerful anti-cancer ingredients in the Graviola tree.  They thought that if they can produce hand-made clones of what makes the Graviola that powerful, they could patent it and get the money back. However, the original couldn’t be cloned. Unable to protect its profits and get the millions poured into the research back, the company gave up.


The actual results they gathered about the extracts from this tree are the following: 

  • The tree compounds are 10,000 times stronger in slowing the development of cancer cells than the generally used Adriamycin- chemotherapeutic drug.
  • Effectively kills and targets malignant cells in 12 kinds of cancer including breast, lung, colon, pancreatic and prostate cancer.
  • The extracts from the graviola tree select and kill just the cancer cells. They don’t harm the healthy ones, unlike the chemotherapy.
  • Different parts of the Graviola tree including the leaves, fruit, roots, bark and fruit-seeds have been used by native Indians and medicine men in South America long ago. They used it for treating heart disease, asthma, liver problems and arthritis.

However, the whole project was not a total failure. After calling it off, one scientist from the research team for Graviola risked his career and got in touch with a company devoted to collecting medical plants from the Amazon Rainforest.  When the information about Graviola got the ears of the researchers at the Health Sciences Institute, they started tracking the research project done on this powerful plant.

In 1976 the National Institute observed the first scientific research and they found out that the leaves and stems of this tree effectively destroy and attack malignant cells. Sadly, the results were never revealed to the public because were published in a internal report.

The same year, the Graviola has proven to be a powerful cancer killer in 20 laboratory tests.  A study that was published in the Journal of Natural Products, following a study by the Catholic University of South Korea came to a conclusion that one chemical found in the Graviola, kills cancer cells 10,000 times stronger than the chemotherapeutic drug. The most important thing is that it selects the cancer cells and destroys them without affecting the healthy ones.

Finally, a study done by Purdue University found out that the leaves of Graviola tree, having anti-cancer effects,  kill the cancer cells and successfully treat lung cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Source: Healthynutrition365


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