Piers Morgan’s Old Tweet Where He Mocked Mugabe In His Death Surfaces Following Nigerian Professor’s Comment About The Queen


An old tweet shared by British media personality, Piers Morgan where he mocked late Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe in his death has surfaced following mixed reactions to US-based Nigerian Professor’s comment about late Queen Elizabeth.


HowAfrica reported earlier that Professor Uju Anya had described Elizabeth as the “Chief Monarch of the thieving raping genocidal empire” and further wished her “excruciating pain”. While some social media users supported the tweet, others condemned it.



Shortly after Anya’s comment generated global reactions, an old tweet where Piers Morgan mocked Mugabe as South African activist, Julius Malema celebrated him after his death has surfaced.


Morgan described Mugabe as a “vile ruthless dictator who terrorised his people and ruined Zimbabwe”. He also added that Malema celebrating the late Zimbabwean President shows who he is.



Written by How Africa News

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