Piers Morgan Sings Praise Of Jill Biden, Says He’s “Chuffed” For The Bidens As The New First Family


Piers Morgan,  who used to be good friends with Donald Trump and even had a chance to interview the former US president aboard Airforce One, is now singing the praise of the Bidens only hours after shaming Trump.


The English TV host took to Twitter hours after inauguration to share a photo of himself and new US First Lady Jill Biden.


He wrote: “I’ve met few nicer, funnier or more genuine people in the political world than America’s new First Lady [email protected][email protected]?. She’s been an absolute rock behind Joe through many turbulent times. Huge day for her and the whole family. Chuffed for them.”



This comes just hours after Morgan shamed his former friend Donald Trump just as soon as he vacated the White House ahead of inauguration.


He had written:


You blew it, Donald.
If you’d shown Americans leadership & empathy when it really mattered in the past year, you’d have been re-elected.
Instead, you failed them.
Spectacularly badly.
And now you slink off as a gutless graceless sore loser.
How pathetic.
Shame on you.


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