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Photos: The Pope’s Controversial And Confused Attitude At Trump’s Reception!!…The Reasons


It is a rather tense pope that we saw last Wednesday. Pope Francis almost did not smile with his guest Donald Trump, the American president, at the reception of the latter to the holy see. It must be said that Pope Francis was not very courteous towards his guest of the day. This is one of the strong images of this official visit of the American head of state last Wednesday to the Vatican.

For the first time, the American president met the sovereign pontiff, an opportunity for the two personalities to discuss themes that oppose them. The Pope expressed to the American president his wish to see him become “an instrument of peace” in the world.

Let us note that the attitude of the Pope towards Donald Trump is explained.


The positions of the Holy See with respect to religious freedoms are totally opposed to that of Trump. The American president has inscribed a perspective of Islamophobia in the United States, which the Holy See deplores and condemns. The commitment of the American Catholic Church to health, education or aid to migrants is a topic that is not well received in the Camp of Donald Trump’s policy advocates.

In addition, Donald Trump’s immigration policy, his rejection of foreigners on American soil, and especially his multiple sexual escapades revealed before his election at the head of the United States, are all reasons that may explain the Pope’s tensing Francis.

However, the meeting ended in a more relaxed atmosphere. ” I will not forget what you said ,” Donald Trump told the Pope by greeting him, just before going to speak with the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Parolin. ” We had a fantastic interview,” commented the American president, “a few hours after the meeting, the Pope is a great personality .”

An attitude of the Pope contrasted with the one he had displayed at the reception of former US President Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor had been welcomed with a rather good mine of the sovereign pontiff. The atmosphere between the two Men were good children.

The two men seemed to be walking on the same wavelength, which, it seems, is no longer the case today. 



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