PHOTOS: So Obsessed With Jose Mourinho, This Grandmother Gets 20 Tattoos Of Him!!

Vivien Bodycote, a 59-year-old grandmother who can not help but hide her obsession with Mourinho, has made over 20 tattoos of the Manchester United coach all over her body. The grandmother revealed that she rarely returns from the city without a tattoo from Mourinho, adding that she is a fan of this club thanks to her coach. To this end, it states:

“Every time I go into town, I do my best to get in with a tattoo of Jose on my body, I have to have about 20 tattoos of him.” Vivien’s body is visibly covered by trophies that Mourinho has won, including the Europa League and the League Cup he won in his first season with Manchester United.

“It’s not only the most special, it’s the only one,” said Vivien. “I would deceive my husband with Mourinho, if the opportunity presents itself. I would die if I saw him in person and for him I would be unfaithful. ” “It is beautiful and every time I see it on a poster, I kneel,” she added.

Grandma with shows off 20 tattoos of Jose Mourinho



According to sources, her husband Tony, 76 years old, has already spent more than 800 euros of his pension for his wife’s tattoos. She gets these tattoos at about 60 euros, but recently, the price has risen to 250 euros. She went on to say, “I can not spend a day without looking at Jose’s photos online. I’m obsessed with him. If he leaves Manchester United, I would say goodbye to United and I would follow him to his new club. ”

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She also spoke of her disappointment when Mourinho was dismissed by Chelsea in December 2015 and how her sack affected their Christmas. “When my grandchildren told me that he had been dismissed from Chelsea, Christmas was canceled and we did not dine. I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything’s okay. ”

Search result for "grandma makes 20 tattoos of mourinho"

Search result for "grandma makes 20 tattoos of mourinho"

How far will this obsession go?


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