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PHOTOS: See Various Snapshots Of Indigenous Tribes, You Won’t Believe Their Traditions And Where They Live

There are many things which these people do not know then who knows? Perhaps they themselves also do not know. This is the mystery of indigenous tribal people in the world living in horrible, unbelievable and unexpected conditions. Is there any solution to these issues? concrete answers are still awaited

The Hamar in Ethiopia (semi-nomadic tribe of cattle herders), using of butter as a beauty product.

The Wodaabe men adorn themselves in cloth tightly wrapped with colorful beaded and embroidered belts and headdresses

Maasai men build a fire

Young Suri boys in Ethiopia as fisherman

The Samburu men faces painted red with crimson ochre and colored feathers in Ethiopia
The Gerewol festival

The San Bushmen of Namibia

Beautification and scarification practices for identity

Living in harmony with nature

There is one more story of the Amazonian tribe who lives in the same way as their ancestors were living 20,000 years ago. It is said that they fire spears on the helicopter. Richard Stuckert captured some of their activities. They are found in Brazilian rainforest of Peruvian Border.


They feel very uneasy if helicopter approaches them and they try to find shelter at a safe place. Sometimes it seems that they are more curious than fearfulness. Their language is still unknown, life style is totally different but they are energetic and vigorous.


 One picture shows a man attempting to string what appears to be a bow and trying to fire the weapon at the helicopter

The Amazon rainforest on the Brazilian border of Peru, Bolivia and Colombia is thought to be home to around 100 tribes who live in isolation from the modern world

Ready to shoot Mr Stuckert spotted them as he took a helicopter flight that was diverted and ended up travelling over the Amazon

Surma tribe of South Sudan and Southwestern Ethiopia

Ishi- The last of the Native Americans

The Korowai tribe- Also known as the Kolufo. They are very far away from modernity.

The Mashco- Piro tribe- Also known as the Cujareno people who live in remote area of Amazon rainforest.

Pintupi Nine Tribe- They lived in Australia’s Gibson desert until 1984. They are also referred as “the lost tribe”.



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