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PHOTOS: It’s Rick Ross! Find Out How He Lost 75 Pounds!! Shocking

Photos: Rick Ross loses 75 pounds of weight

America rapper Rick Ross lost 75 pounds of weight after being warned that his life was in danger.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross in 2011 suffered two seizures in less than 24 hours and soon found himself in a doctor’s office.

“I was the only black dude, and the rest was 55- to 80-year-old white males sitting in the room.  “It was all silence and we all was kind of just looking at each other, like, What the fuck he here for?”

“He told me I didn’t have high blood pressure but I was hypertensive, which is a phase under having high blood pressure,” he told Men’s Health magazine.


Ross said the doctor then told him that his biggest enemy was his weight and that it needed to be reduced to enable him to stay alive.

He said there and then he made a commitment to changing his lifestyle. In order to drop the weight, Ross chose a slower, more lasting route.

Rick Ross

Besides exercising with friends, and creating a personal version of Cross Fit (a.k.a. “Ross Fit”), which he does four days a week, he also works with a personal chef and doesn’t deprive himself of guilty pleasures.

“I knew my weight loss wouldn’t last if I never ate the things I love… I’m still losing weight, and now I’m starting to build hard muscle in places,” he said.


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