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Photos Of The America’s First Ever Airstrike Against ISIS Terrorists, African Warlords Reportedly Dead


It is the first time the nation has ever targeted ISIS terrorists in the region – and several are reported dead in the attack.

According to a local security official, at least six missiles hit Buqa, a mountainous village in the northern state of Puntland.

The mayor of nearby Qandala town, Jama Mohamed, confirmed the attack, which he said had terrified locals and sent them fleeing with their animals.

The airstrike may have targeted top leaders of the group, which is a growing presence in the Horn of Africa nation and has been fighting security forces.


The US Africa Command confirmed, “several terrorists” were killed in the strike which was carried out in coordination with Somalia’s government.

America has carried out drone strikes against the al Qaeda-linked al Shabab group in Somalia, but this is the first against Islamic State fighters.

A source said: “US Africa command is aware of a growing presence of ISIS in the Somalia as the terror group starts to fail in other regions. “American is determined not to let it get a strong enough foothold to grow.”



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