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Photos: Internet Goes Wild For Memes Of Celebrities Gazing At Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau

Ivanka Trump was caught on camera appearing to gaze longingly at the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau during a meeting at the White House on Monday, sparking dozens of memes.

Politicians might not make the most obvious heartthrobs.

But social media users were whipped into a frenzy by new photographs of Ivanka Trump appearing to gaze longingly at Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

The snap captures President Trump’s daughter looking captivated as she stole glances at Mr Trudeau during a roundtable discussion at the White House on Monday.

Pictures of the exchange sparked a flurry of memes on Instagram and Twitter, with users jokingly suggesting they revealed Ms Trump’s secret feelings for the Canadian politician.

Seizing on the moment, creative social media users then looked back and found other high profile figures – from the Duchess of Cambridge to actress Emma Watson – who appear to have been similarly taken when introduced to Mr Trudeau.

And it wasn’t only famous women who became the butt of the joke. President Trump and Barack Obama have both been caught on camera appearing to gaze wistfully at Mr Trudeau in snaps that inspired their own hilarious memes, and saw one internet wit declaring that ‘no one is safe!’

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the best

Viral sensation: Sparked by photos of Ivanka Trump staring wistfully at Justin Trudeau, top right, one social media user pointed out other celebrities had been charmed by the politician

Secret glance: The President’s daughter was caught on camera as she flashed a smile at Mr Trudeau during a roundtable discussion on women in business at the White House on Monday

Hilarious: Some memes suggested Ms Trump was harbouring secret feelings for Mr Trudeau


Like father, like daughter: Others drew comparisons between Ms Trump’s glances at the Canadian prime minister (top), and the way her father was caught looking at him (below)

Seizing the moment: The pictures of Ms Trump prompted social media users to look back through old pictures of Mr Trudeau, and pointed to others who had apparently been charmed

Tongue-in-cheek: Some of the memes starred a beaming Duchess of Cambridge as she and Prince William were introduced to Mr Trudeau and his wife during the royal visit to Canada

Star-struck: Actress Emma Watson, who met Mr Trudeau in September last year, also featured

Captivated: Others pointed to the close relationship this picture suggests Mr Trudeau had with Barack Obama

Charming: They placed old pictures of Mr Trudeau, left, alongside ones of him with Ms Trump, right, to highlight the effect that he appears to have even on the most high profile figures


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