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Photos: An Ukrainian Heiress Jumped Light, Rammed Into Crowd Killing Six, Only To Be Charged £14.

An excited 20-year-old heiress has been kept after she ‘bounced a red light and slammed into a group executing six’, say police

Alyona Zaitseva, 20, is said to have been going at more than 60 mph in a zone with a most extreme point of confinement of 35 mph, in central Kharkiv, Ukraine.

CCTV demonstrates a line of autos in an intersection getting a green light, when all of a sudden Zaitseva’s Lexus comes speeding in the right-hand corner, crushing into a Volkswagen and turning into a group off-camera.

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Alyona Zaitseva's armed bodyguards drove up in two jeeps immediately after the crash and protected her from a furious crowd who witnessed the crash

Video footage shows the moment  Alyona Zaitseva comes speeding through a junction and hitting a Volkswagen, which sent her Lexus spinning into pedestrians

Zaitseva, the daughter of a multimillionaire energy tycoon, had to be protected by her armed bodyguards as she stepped out of her crashed Lexus and was met by a furious crowd of witnesses.

She has been arrested pending a police investigation, and if charged she could face jail for up to ten years. Despite this, she was seen smirking while speaking to a police officer in court today.

It has also emerged that the glamorous young woman had a total of eight motoring fines, four of which were for speeding, in the two years of her being a licensed driver.

Three out of six seriously injured victims are in comas, said doctors.

The victims have been named as mother and daughter Alla Sokol, 46, and Anastasiya Sokol, 19, Elena Usmanova, 25, Nina Kobiseva, 28, and Alexander Evteev, 27.

Shocking images showed bodies lying on the ground after the deadly crash (pictured)

Pregnant Zhanna Vlasenko, 30, has suffered ‘serious’ head injuries and is in a ‘severe but stable’ condition. Her baby is expected to survive, said doctors.


Fears were expressed that the heiress will escape justice because of her father’s wealth and influence in Ukraine, where the court system is notoriously corrupt.

Her father, energy company multi-millionaire Vasily Zaitsev, did not mention the victims in his only comment on the crash yesterday.

He also sought to pin blame on the VW Touareg that Ms Zaitseva hit before her car careered into people waiting at a pedestrian crossing, even though video shows the Touareg driver acting correctly after moving forward on a green light at a junction.

‘It is a tragedy for our family,’ he said.

Not mentioning those killed or wounded, he said: ‘My child has not eaten for 24 hours.

‘They did not let us see her, she was locked in jail immediately.’

The car was seen speeding towards the group of people waiting at a pedestrian crossing . The car plowed straight into the crowd killing six and injuring dozens more

The female driver was arrested by police who said she had not been drinking

There was carnage on the streets of Kharkiv, in Ukraine , after her Lexus mowed down people waiting on the pavement at a pedestrian crossing before flipping on its side

This involved speeding, jumping red lights, and violating parking rules, he said.. But the maximum she was fined for these transgressions was £14.

Distressing video showed the wounded crying out for help after the deadly crash 

Distressing video showed the wounded crying out for help after the deadly crash

He demanded new laws to deter dangerous driving and said that when she crashed on Wednesday night, she had been driving at more than 62 mph.

And he warned there could be pressure because of her father’s sway in Ukraine to keep her out of jail or blame the other driver who, he said, had correctly moved forward on a green light.

‘She will have to pay for it with her freedom,’ he said.

‘The Criminal Code has up to ten years of jail for such cases.’

Warning of attempts to avoid the law applying to her, he insisted: ‘We will allow no attempts to ‘solve the issue’ another way.’


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