Photos: What This 22-year-old Lady Can Do With Her Body Will Leave You Totally Speechless

A 22-year-old woman identified as Scarlet Checkers is doing totally unbelievable and incredible things with her body.
Due to a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), Scarlet can dislocate her joints on command and manipulate her body into seemingly impossible positions.
Dailystar reports that she’s even made a career of her hyper-flexibility, performing as a circus contortionist and daring audience members to pick two parts of her body which they think she won’t be able to touch together – a game she’s never lost.
Scarlet said: “I like to take advantage of my symptoms, they’ve become my party trick, and they pay for my living.
“I like to do things that are a little grotesque and hard to look at – things that people can’t get out of their minds.”
It has also been revealed the the woman from San Diego can also pull her skin away from her body and stick skewers through it.
Scarlet said: “Even though I have a boyfriend, Francis Roberts, 28, I use the dating app Tinder to advertise my show.
“I get a lot of unwanted attention from guys because of my appearance and what I can do.
“Most ask me what my favourite sexual position is and have some crude things to say to me, too.”
Explaining how she found out she could do incredible things with her body, Scarlet said her PE teacher would make her perform stretching moves in front of her class because of her incredible skills.
But as much as she loves performing, Scarlet is wary that it could make her condition worse.
She explained: “It could lead to arthritis, chronic joint pain and mobility problems.
“I know there’s a danger. But I won’t stop performing.
“I love it and even plan to add sword swallowing to my act.”

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