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A Photographer, Eli Reed Explains The Most Famous Photo Of 2Pac! Shocking revelation!

Tupac , here is a rapper who has marked his field and pop culture in general. Assassinated in September 1996, the good man remains an emblem of hip hop, a legend as indeed small.

Today is the photographer Eli Reed , first African-American agency Magnum , which has considered 2Pac . In the pages of the magazine Comple x, the latter returned to the most famous photograph of the artist, photographed by him in 1992.


I had to document a film in which Tupac was playing. I wanted to photograph it like any human being, but it went further than that. He wanted to take off his shirt, and then I screamed non stop, stay that way. ‘ He was there, I felt a deep sadness in his eyes. I can not quite explain.


I shot only three portraits of Tupac that day. I whispered to one of my assistants that he would end dead or in prison. I am sad that this has become true. I grew up in the same places as him. I knew how it would end. It was a force of nature, an origina l “.

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