Photo: Meet Thampson Mthombeni, Zimbabwe’s Oldest Man at 114 Who Has Refused to Die and Waxing Stronger

Zimbabwe’s oldest man has made history as he continues to shine and wax stronger in his old age.

Zimbabwe’s oldest man, Thampson Mthombeni who is 114 years is a man to envy. The man has become a celebrity in his country as the oldest man in his land. But, he has aged gratefully.
H-metro revealed that although he is facing some health problems, he is determined to continue living.
”Most of the times, I spend the whole day seated and without food only to get supper before I sleep. Life of a blind person is very difficult. I am guided by the rope and I don’t attempt going anywhere outside the perimeters of the rope, lest I get lost,” narrated Mthombeni.
He says, he still feels physically healthy to do other chores but his eyes betrayed him.
“I am feeling healthy and still counting. I wish I could see so that I can join others in the fields but my eyes betrayed me. However, I thank God for being one of the chosen few to live this long,” he said
Mthombeni, who is of the Malawian origin, says at times he feels lonely as everyday he sits at the same place pondering on the day when his maker will decide to call him.His care giver is also aging and at 91, very soon would also need his own care giver.
Mthombeni says he fathered eight children with five women during his productive days but is not in touch with any.
“Some I fathered them in South Africa, some back in Malawi but there are two girls I fathered here in Zimbabwe and we lost contact many, many years ago,” he says.

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