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Photo: Malian Hero “Mamoudou Gassama” Inspires the Creation of a New Brand in Togo

After the different claws “Miabé”, “Here is the 228” among others, a new claw garment appears on the Togolese market. “Doumevi”, the new brand combines culture and modernity.

“Son of Country or Country” in Ewé a local language, Doumevi is a T-shirt collection made in Togo with several motifs that go to each personality, each culture and each style, reveals the creator Assana Kouméyi in an interview conducted by the local media.


The designer has great ambitions for her signature that can be worn anytime and anywhere. It is primarily for the designer to: “… bring the name of Africa high all over the world internationally why not be original and privilege our African languages ​​and not other languages! That’s why I opted for the name “Doumevi”, an African name and especially from my language.

“Doumevi is also the expression of African values ​​such as solidarity, sharing, bravery, as the Malian hero, whom Mamoudou Gassama is currently speaking, has demonstrated ,” adds the designer.

An invitation that launches the young designer to the place of the African youth in order to value the originality and the African culture. The t-shirts are already available on the market and orders can be made on the official page of the brand on Facebook.


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