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PHOTO: A Look Into The Luxury Car Of The Late Muammar Gaddafi, Built To Protect The Former President From Any Form Of Accidents. Look!!!

The former Libyan leader called it Sarouth el-Libya because it resembles a rocket. Considered revolutionary in the history of automobiles, the Libyan Rocket is a sedan with a tinted glass that can carry only five people. It is the Libyan company in partnership with the Italian Tesco TS who built in 2009 the prototype of the car for a cost of $ 2.85 million as specified on the website africa 360 of 1 fervier 2016.


The interior of the vehicle consists of airbags, an integrated electronic defense system and a foldable windscreen that protects users in the event of an accident.

In addition, it also has the ability to travel with tires completely flat. Saroukh el-libya has a device that can stop the fuel supply during an accident to prevent the car from burning.

Recall that it was designed with the aim of protecting the Libyan citizens against traffic accidents that cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year in the country. Former President Gaddafi had plans to open a production unit for this car in Tripoli.

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