Philippines President, Duterte Watches as Luxury Cars are Crushed by Bulldozer. Photos

More than £4m worth of supercars were crushed by a bulldozer in a smuggling crackdown in the Philippines. Lamborghinis, Porsches, Mustangs and motorbikes were run over as president Rodrigo Duterte cheered.

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At least 75 luxury cars were seized by customs officials as they were into the country were part of the crack down.

They were part of a recent haul of 800 contraband cars had been seized by port authorities in Cayagan, a statement from the president’s office confirmed.

The president inspected the cars before they were crushed in the town of Sta Ana in the north of the country.

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Mr Duterte said: “I did this because you have to show to the world that you have a viable place of investment and business.

“And the only way to show it is that you are productive and that you have the economy, to absorb the productivity of the population.”

He added that it was an important first step towards restoring law and order.

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This is not the first time the president has attempted to crush cars.

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