People With Tattoos More Likely To Cheat – New Study

A study has found people with tattoos are more likely to have a “great s’ex life” but be inclined to cheat on their partners.

Research conducted by dating website for married couples titled Victoria Milan has discovered lovers who have body art are more likely to enjoy an affair or have a “great s’ex life”.

The survey was carried out on over 3 million people across 16 countries and has discovered over 40 percent of Scandinavian women, and have tattoos are more likely to have a rebellious streak and have a wandering eye.


But over 15 percent of women from Finland, 11 per cent of females in the UK and 10 per cent of ladies in Ireland have secret inking they will only show to the person they are romantically linked to when they feel they have gained their trust.

Speaking about the results, the founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said: “Tattoos are a sign of personality, creativity and rebellion, and now we know they are a sign that the person probably has a great sex life.”


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