Pentagon Commanders Claims to “Quit” If Trump Becomes President

Pentagon Commanders Claims to “Quit” If Trump Becomes President



UNITED STATES – Donald Trump spent most of recent “foreign policy debate” proclaiming how he’d make our military extraordinary and criticizing President Obama for “weakening it” and affirming absurd bravados of how we will turn into a “strong country” with a horrifying and coldhearted methodology that includes shutting our borders to desperate emigres and persecuting Muslim-Americans for their faith.

Then again, when one asks the military officers from the Pentagon what they think about this potential Commander-in-Chief’s plans for the military, we hear an different story. According to reports, a decent number of Pentagon officials are planning to quit if Trump gets elected in protest of his vile desecration of the values that they have sworn to die defending.

Trump’s attack plans for Islamic State, known as ISIS is to band Muslims from the United States, his proposals of restricting or limiting the Internet can secure the United States, are an attack against the values they vowed to die to defend.


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  1. The first clue that this is a false representation of the Pentagon commanders is the citing of Democrat talking points. Pentagon commanders are fierce patriotic Americans, with willingness to die for the principles that made this nation great: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is, the Judeo-Christian principles of don’t lie, don’t steal and don’t kill.

    Personally, I prefer Ted Cruz as president, Trump will always be remembered as the one person who smashed the fake limitations of political correctness. A hoax that both Democrats and Republicans fell prey to for decades.

    Trump will, at the very least, bring American culture back to the forefront of our concerns and celebrations. The enemies of those principles are the ones who have some realities to face in the future, whether Trump, Cruz or Rubio is elected. With Trump, I guess, America’s enemies are quaking in their boots. And rightly so.

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