MUST READ! Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Urine Colour

Many of us do not pay detailed attention to our urine colour during urination, we are fixated on getting the liquid out of our bladder as quick as possible to return to our desk or bed.

The colour of our urine can, however, give an indication of our health status. Abnormal colour of pee therefore, calls for attention.

Normal Urine Colour
All things being equal, the normal colour of the urine is pale yellow or gold. Water dilutes urine, drinking more water will therefore, give a light-yellow urine.


1. Orange Colour
With orange colour of urine, this could be as a result of some ingested drugs like
antibiotics and vitamin B. Yellow colouration can also be an indication of damage to the liver.


2. Red Colour
Red to pink colouration might be an indication of blood in urine. Urine in blood can
be a signal for urinary tract infections and kidney stones Red colour of urine can, however, be as a result of some medications.


3. Green Or Blue Colour
A greenish or blueish colouration of the urine can result from medicines or some foods taken. Urinary tract infection can also cause green urine.

A blue urine colour can also be as a result of an inherited disorder called blue diaper syndrome. This is common in children

4. Dark or Brown Colour
This could been a sign of dehydration and there is need to drink more water.
Dark or brown-coloured urine can also give an indication of liver disease.

If you have not been taking notice of the colour of your urine, you may need to have a rethink.

What To Do When You Notice Change In Your Urine Colour
Seek medical help if there is a more than 24-hour change in your urine
colour, which could not be connected to a food or drug you took took recently.

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