Pay Attention!: Every Time You Get Drunk, These Horrible Things Happen To Your Body And Brain

We are all aware of the hangover feeling after consumption of high amounts of alcohol. However, have you ever asked yourselves what precisely occurs to your body when you get drunk?

Everything you drink passes through your gullet, stomach and duodenum.

All alcohol which is not absorbed enters the bloodstream and this causes drunkenness. The circulatory system is pretty quick and that is why you get drunk very quickly.

“Alcohol in blood” means the amount of alcohol which goes back to your lungs and from the lungs into the bloodstream.

The liver tries to detoxify the alcohol in the bloodstream. The speed of the process depends on the type of alcohol you have drunk, and whether you have mixed it with something else.


When the liver performs detoxification, it creates acetaldehyde which is the main cause for hangover. This is a toxic substance similar to vinegar.

The kidneys help the liver during the detoxification process and that’s why you visit the bathroom more frequently when you drink alcohol.

When you drink alcohol, your body is dehydrated more than usually. If you do not intake enough water, you will surely have headache the next morning.

According to scientists, alcohol affects the brain.

The alcohol attaches to the neurotransmitters which are directed to your conscious and unconscious emotions, actions and motor faculties.

The cerebral cortex in the front part of the brain is slowed down due to the effects from alcohol. Your ability to work out incoming information from the eyes, ears and other sensors is slowed down significantly.

The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland are also slowed down because of the effects from alcohol and this affects your hormones.

Moreover, your heart function is slowed down, your body temperature is lowered and even your breathing is slower than usual.

The fact that you often feel hungry when you are drunk is because your body asks for carbohydrates since it lacks energy.




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