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Pay Attention; Africans!! This Man’s Son Died From This Plant Within A Minute..(It Can Kill An Adult In 15 Minutes!)

Although almost every household keeps indoor plants because of their numerous benefits and beautiful appearances, some of these plants have detrimental effects. Namely, Esteban, a 5 year old boy, began feeling sick all of a sudden. His father thought it was a consequence of indigestion or fatigue.

However, Esteban’s skin developed a strange color and the child could not breathe. The father immediately called an ambulance and Esteban was rushed to the hospital. No one knew what was going on. After one and a half hour later, the doctor told the parents that their child has died as a consequence of poisoning from something that the child ingested. The parents were in shock.

In order to determine the cause for Esteban’s death, a blood test was ordered. The results showed a high dose of calcium oxalate, a chemical, in the child’s blood. This chemical is present in the plant known as Amoena. This indoor plant is often placed in homes or offices and Esteban’s family had this plant in their home. However, what the parents didn’t know is that the plant is poisonous.

Statistically speaking, in 2006, in USA solely, there were 64,250 cases of poisoning from plants. 75% were children younger than 5.

First aid during Amoena poisoning

According to the National Library of Medicine of the United States, you should immediately clean the mouth with a wet cloth, rinse the eyes, and any other body parts that came in contact with the plant and drink a glass of milk. Do this after you’ve called an ambulance. Take a look at the video below to learn more about this deadly plant:

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