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Paul Kagame of Rwanda is Accused of Human Rights Abuses and Jailing of Opposition Leaders. “By the West”

As usual, Africans are too sensational to see the bright side of his leadership. As at this moment, Paul Kagame is the best performing leader in Africa. Human rights in Rwanda have been violated on a grand scale. The greatest violation is the Rwandan genocide of Tutsi in 1994. The post-genocide government is also responsible for grave violations of human rights.

He took over a broken country after the 1994 genocide which took almost a million lives and transformed it into one of the safest, number one tourism preferred destination in Africa.

Rwanda is the only country in the world with 60% women in their parliament.

Paul Kagame of Rwanda is accused of human rights abuses and jailing of opposition leaders. "By the West"

I believe the only form of opposition that should be allowed in Rwanda are individuals who identify certain weaknesses in the government, but also have the expertise to fix them by taking on a ministerial roles.

Most of the opposition are mostly CIA agents; most of them don’t even live in Rwanda, they live in France and only shows up during elections asking Kagame to vacate the presidency for them.

Paul Kagame is already doing great, why can’t you join hands with him if you’re sincere about your ambition for the country…?


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