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Paul Jeremie Ehoumba Kakassa: 11 Years Old and He’s Already a Music Videos Director

Paul Jeremie Ehoumba Kakassa is small but with great talent. The young Gabon seduced lovers of music through his very first video. Some big names in Gabonese hip hop like Lord Ekomy Ndong are already seduced and would like to work with the 11 year old.

This sixth grade student at Lycée Mbélé in Libreville, who dreams of going into space and creating high-tech devices seems to be also a genius of scriptwriting.

The story of the young Gabonese remains particularly unique. Everything started from a sad event but eventually everyone was happy. His uncle, the rapper “The Flow of the South”, discovered his talent after the director originally planned for his shoot put him a rabbit. The young boy then offers his services. “I can shoot your clip if you want, if it’s not good, we erase,” said the young apprentice director without hesitation.

Stupefait, the rapper gives the benefit of the doubt to his nephew, just out of pure curiosity. This is how he decides to immortalise the pre-production of the film by filming the young director to understand his approach to the realization but also certify the facts in case the title would be successful.


The little Gabonese genius brings his special touch to the title “Austerity”. This song is a real representation of the social and economic crisis that Gabon is currently experiencing. A simple but rich scenario that satisfies the singer’s expectations. The trick and technique of the young high school student also respect the rhymes of his rapper uncle.

This clip is a set, a mayonnaise well prepared for the happiness of music lovers. The young Paul Jeremie Ehoumba Kakassa shows courage, genius and makes speak his talent without complex as many teens elsewhere whose creative precocity is favored by easy access to new technologies.

Now the eyes are turned around this young person who can amaze in the music industry in his country.

The clip directed by Paul


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