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Patrick Mboma Reacts Once Again to Samuel Eto’o’s Recent Tackle

Former indomitable lions striker Patrick Mboma was recently invited to ABK Radio in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. During the exchange, the former Parma player took the opportunity to come back to the clash between Samuel Eto’o and him:

“I do not understand myself the relationship I have with Samuel Eto’o or rather the way he manages his relationship with me. It’s a person I find generous. It’s someone I always said what I thought well. I do not remember attacking him publicly. And the release of the past week surprises me all the more because it is based on a bad postulate. I never said that Seedorf had a problem of experience. I said that I did not know that Clarence Seedorf knew Africa and specifically Cameroon. So I told him that himself at the time of the appointment. He called me and he asked me what I thought and I answered him like that. “

We remember that a few days before, Samuel Eto’o had tapped Patrick Mboma indicating that the former number 10 indomitable lions was not consistent in his statements.


Eto’o had felt that Patrick Mboma should not apply for the coaching position of the Cameroonian national team after the dismissal of Clarence Seedorf because just like the Dutch technician, he had no experience to coach the team :

“I blamed Patrick for a lot of things like the way you do things (…) You can not criticize a coach saying he does not have enough experience to coach the Cameroon national team and you , some time later, without experience you just submit your application. There is something wrong. Where are the interests? ”  Declared Eto’o.

To this statement of the ex-picichi Mboma had replied on twitter account: ” The dog barks the caravan passes” . And Eto’o react: ”  Apparently the caravan had a moment to make a comment. My advice remains valid  »

It is clear that for Patrick Mboma, he does not recognize himself in certain statements and accusations of Samuel Eto’o. He asked that Samuel Eto’o provide the video in which he said that. For now, Samuel Eto’o has not reacted.


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