Parents Name Baby Google, Hope He Will Be ‘Useful’ Like the Website

A baby boy has been named Google by his parents in the hope he will become a “useful” just like the search engine.

Mother Ella Karin, 27, and husband Andi Cahya Saputra welcomed their second child in November 2018, but news of their bizarre name choice has only just surfaced.

Father Andi, 31, says he thought about giving their son a name inspired by technology when his wife was seven months pregnant.

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He revealed he was considering names such as “Windows, iPhone, Microsoft and iOS” among others, as well as the more traditional Albar Dirgantara Putra.

However, when the tot was born, the proud dad decided to name him Google, without a surname.

The name Google can be read on the birth certificate (Photo: AsiaWire)

He admitted it took a while for loved ones, including the boy’s own mother, to become accustomed to the bizarre name.

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Local media, in the regency of Bekasi, in south-western Indonesia’s West Java Province, reported that mum Ella would tell people the boy’s name was “baby boy” when she was asked in the first three months after his birth.


Andi said he told his own father that the name Google has an important meaning because he hopes his son can “help” lots of people and be “a useful person” for others.

He says he refused to give the tot a surname because it would dilute “the essence” of his name.

The name has reportedly grown on the tot’s mother, who says she hopes her son will become “a leader” of “many people”.

Mum Ella took a while to get used to the name (Photo: AsiaWire)

Meanwhile as we reported yesterday, the most popular baby names of 2019 have been revealed.

Parenting website  BabyCentre  has analysed the baby register for the past six months to find out what names mums and dads have been picking for their new arrivals.

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While Muhammad is top of the boys’ list, but Oliver dropped from second place to fourth.

Noah takes the runner up spot followed by George.



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