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Pan-Africanist Activist Kémi Seba Calls Out Cameroon’s President Paul Biya (Video)

Pan-Africanist activist Kemi Seba does not have his tongue in his pocket when it comes to attacking African heads of state. He has often been much more virulent in his remarks when it comes to evoking those African presidents who have spent several decades in power and who are still clinging to it.

A few days ago, one of his virulent outings was relayed on the facebook page ” Truth about Cameroon “.

In his speech, the French-Beninese had very harsh words against President Paul Biya. Attacking the Corruption in Cameroon, Séba said that ” If the corruption was football, Biya would be Lionel Messi ” he launched before continuing “Paul Biya was there at the time of independence, he was there at the time of Neocolonialism, he is there at the time of neoliberalism, the ultraliberalism globalist we know at the beginning of the 21st century. I guess he’ll be here when my daughter gets his baccalaureate and when my daughter is a grandmother … We have one of the most promising countries in the world … When we see what Nigeria is Cameroon could also be today We have a country where the financial mismanagement, where the plundering of natural resources is carried out certainly by the outside but also by the caste in power “


It must be said that this release of Kémi Seba has made a big noise on social networks, mainly on the side of Cameroon on the eve of the presidential elections. Paul Biya, 36 years in power and 85 years old is once again a candidate for his own succession.


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