P. Diddy Offers H&M Child Model $1M Mega Contract

In the midst of a furious outrage over an ill-advised and purportedly ‘racist’ H&M advert, there stands one little boy. The child model used to advertise a hoodie with a controversial slogan has been caught up in an explosive debate on discrimination.

The young black child was made to wear the top, which had the words ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ emblazoned across it. H&M dug an even deeper whole when the range also showed a white child model wearing a ‘survival expert’ hoodie next to his counterpart, sparking uproarious anger across the world.

As reported in The Metro, the connotations suggest a clear power dynamic between black and white stereotypes. So spare a though for the kid who has now inadvertently become synonymous with the current debate on race and inequality.

Almost certainly too young to understand, the last few days must have been overwhelming for the boy. Something that rap mogul and fashion supremo P Diddy is all too aware of. The hip hop icon, real name Sean Combs, showed his support for the boy on his Instagram page this week:

P Diddy enjoyed an edit of the initial picture, which now reads “coolest king in the world”, removing the racially provocative slogan

Sources who spoke to The Metro revealed that Diddy (who will always be Puff Daddy in our hearts) is willing to offer the boy and his family a million-dollar contract to model for his clothing brand, Sean John.

The news came after H&M apologised following the backlash. They said they were ‘deeply sorry that the picture was taken’, and ‘routines were not followed properly’ before this went live on their online store.

The apology was too little, too late for The Weekend, though. The Canadian hip hop artist had launched a clothing line with the store in 2017. He has since announced he will no longer work with H&M. The fallout is still very much ongoing for the retailers.


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