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P. Diddy is no Longer the Richest Rapper. Check out the Latest Forbes 2018 Ranking

P-Diddy no longer wears the crown of the richest hip-hop rapper according to the latest ranking by Forbes magazine. Jay-Z is the new king.

According to Billboard, This is the first time since Forbes established his ranking of the world’s most fortunate rappers as Jay Z comes first. The record has so far been dominated by Diddy who weighs in his side not less than 825 million dollars. According to Forbes , Jay saw his personal fortune rise from $ 810 million to $ 900 million in just one year. The American magazine attributes this rise to musician investment in alcohol and spirits, to its Roc Nation label, but also to revenue related to its Tidal streaming network.


Diddy is in second place this year with $ 825 million, an increase of $ 5 million from $ 820 million last year. The rapper made the money with his growing DeLeon Tequila brand, his partnership with the Diago Beverage Company, Revolt TV, and, of course, his successful vodka line, Ciroc.

This update comes a few months after the two rappers released their documentary entitled Black Excellence, and a short film: What’s better than a billionaire? Two films that celebrate success and black excellence.

Other big rappers are also part of the Forbes Top 5 this year. This is Dr. Dre, no. 3, for being $ 770 million last year, then Drake and Eminem.


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