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#OwnYourCulture: The Decolonization Of African Fashion!

The hashtag #OwnYourCulture did a lot of attention on the African continent in recent times. It tells you what it is.

Blogger and consultant Kenyan fashion Miss Vavavum is the first to have launched the hashtag #OwnYourCulture ( “appropriates up your culture”). Originally, the idea was to get people to focus on the origins of the traditional way in Kenya. But since the movement she initiated with this hashtag has come a long way.


The goal: to show that the traditional jewelry and accessories are as pretty as those that are imported from the West. For this, each participant has to involve a traditional accessory to a modern style of dress.



Many African women – from South Africa to Tanzania – have joined the #OwnYourCulture movement, which developed across the continent. Miss Vavavum why it is important that Africans are reclaiming and claim their own cultures on its website :


“We believe it is important that across the continent, fashion and art are based on the context and history that are ours.”


To see more photos of the movement Own Your Culture, visit Instagram and

Source: Konbini France


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