Over 5,000 Ecstasy Seals With Donald Trump Seized In Germany!!

The German police seized thousands of drug tablets representing the flamboyant American president in a vehicle en route to Austria. These pills to be sold on the “dark web” should have yielded nearly 40,000 euros.

They are orange-colored, as is – according to some mocking commentators – the complexion of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. 5 000 pills of ecstasy, estimated at around 40 000 euros, were seized on 19 August by police from Osnabruck (north-western Germany) in the vehicle of a 51-year-old man , Accompanied by his son aged 17, according to information reported by the  Spiegel.

In addition to the impressive amount of drugs, the police found a large amount of money in the vehicle.


The two men of Austrian nationality told the police that they had gone to the Netherlands to buy a car. But because they did not find it, they turned back to go home …

To be sold on the “dark web”, these psychotropic drugs were accompanied by the slogan “Trump Makes Partying Great Again”, an obvious nod to the campaign slogan of the Republican presidential candidate American 2016: “Make America Great Again”.

A humorous trait that did not dissuade the security forces to detain the father as the son.


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