‘Our Democracy Under Assault’ — Joe Biden Speaks On Invasion Of US Congress

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President-elect Joe Biden says the American democracy is under “unprecedented assault”.

Reacting to the invasion of the Capitol Hill during the process of certifying the November 3 presidential election, the president-elect said: “Democracy is fragile, let’s preserve it.”

The protesters marched to the building not long after they were addressed by President Donald Trump who has refused to concede after losing to Biden.

The lawmakers were expected to count and confirm the votes cast by state electors during the election when the protesters invaded the parliament.

“At this hour our democracy is under unprecedented assault unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times,” Biden said.

“The scenes of chaos at the capitol do not reflect a true America, do not represent who we are.

“I call on this mob to pull back and allow democracy to go forward. At their best the words of a president can inspire, at their worst they can incite.”

Biden also advised Trump to go on national television to demand “an end to this siege.”

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