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‘Ouija Board’: The Board That Allegedly Allows You Contact Spirits (Watch Video)


Have you ever heard of the Ouija board, it is a board which is supposed to be fun to play but may turn very bad if you get to meet the wrong spirit. Or that is what many people believe.

Also known as the talking board or spirit board, it is a simple board with alphabets, numbers, and three words; “Yes,” “No,” and “Goodbye.” It has a planchette which moves to give you answers to questions you ask, by spelling things out.

The history of the board like every other thing about it is as creepy as you can think. While it is claimed that in its original history the ouija board has nothing to do with the occultic, it is now mostly agreed that it has been “hijacked”.

According to some reports, it was during the first world war that it became popular as a means of contacting dead relatives. It was therefore used in America by so many people to contact those they lost in the war.

Today, so many people are preaching against the use of the board either because of the evil encounters they have had or the encounters of others, most especially those that have come in contact with spirits like Zozo or Xoxo.

Nevertheless, some have claimed to have come across good spirits. The problem though is that most others cannot understand why one would want to contact a spirit in the first place.

How the Ouija Board is Used

To use the ouija is quite easy. First, you will need to drop the planchette on the board. Next, with two or three friends you would sit with fingers on the planchette.

Then one person can start by asking the spirit to introduce itself, and you watch how the planchette moves to give answers by spelling things out.

When you are done, you are expected to say goodbye to detach yourself from the spirit you contacted.


The board has many rules, all of which must be taken seriously as most people believe it is not even a game. Here are some of the rules:

– Never ask about God or when you will die
– Never play alone or in your  house
– Never leave a planchette alone on the Ouija Board
– Always say Goodbye

My personal rule is don’t try one out. Don’t play the Ouija.


Stories of People

There are various stories that have been put forward by people who have claimed to have had personal experiences with the board. Below are some stories of people who used the board as shared by Buzzfeed.

  • “When my friends and I played, my question for the spirits was a bit more scary than everyone else’s: I asked if God existed. But instead of ‘God,’ I used God’s name, Jehovah. Once I asked the question, the planchette flew out the open window. I SWEAR. I never touched one again. Later, when I was reading the Bible, it says that the demons shake in fear when you mention God’s name because they know of his power.”
  • “Years ago, my mom and her friends were playing and the board spelt out ‘PREGNANT.’ They all were shaking as it proceeded to spell out my mom’s name. And that’s how she found out she was pregnant with me. Through a damn ouija board.”
  • “One summer my friends and I met the spirit of a boy named Jake through my board, and my friends kept antagonizing him to prove he was real. We were in the basement when the board said to go to my room. There we found crayons had been knocked over onto my floor, and a notebook on my bed opened up with the name JAKE scrawled out in big letters. All of us had been together in the basement the entire time, and no one else was home. Our friend said we needed to break the board into pieces and ‘stop the evil,’ so we did.”

There are as well other stories of people who have lost their lives as a result of encounters during the game.

Here are some video experiences of people


There have been so many warnings by both individuals and groups against the use of the board. these include both religious and non-religious individuals and groups.

The Catholic church, for example, has described it as far from being harmless and a means of divination. It has been associated with witchcraft and a tool of satanism.


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