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Oscar 2017!! Here Are Four Other Awards ‘Mix-Up’ That Have Made Awkward Errors!!


The Oscar 2017 misunderstanding will probably go down as a standout amongst the most huge snapshots of Oscar history and for all the wrong and image commendable reasons.

Warren Beaty and Faye Dunaway declared the Oscar 2017 Best Picture grant as la arrive, just for the two-second champs to redress the oversight a minute later amidst their celebratory discourse to report that “Moonlight” was really the victor in the class.

The Oscar 2017 mix-up is probably worthy of an Oscar of its own for Most Epic Mix-up but everyone is being such good sports about it. Of course, there is almost no other way to handle winning and then not winning an award as most of the people who have been involved in such epic mix-ups have shown us.

Award shows are surely not easy to plan and once in a while, it is not unexpected to get an awkward error of Oscar 2017 mix-up proportions.

Here are four other awards with unfortunate errors like the Oscar 2017 Mix-up:

Michael Jackson accepts a non-existent award at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards

The King of Pop, surely, received a lot of awards and accolades while he was still alive so it’s a little easier to understand this mix-up although understanding does not make it any less awkward.

Michael Jackson actually accepted a non-existent award at the 2002 MTV video music awards. In 2002, MTV’s VMAs were held on Michael’s birthday and in a sweet gesture, he was called on stage to recieve a birthday cake. Britney Spears was the one to call him on stage and as an addition to other gushing remarks, the singer had said that she considered him to be the “artist of the millennium”.

Michael Jackson would then get on stage and proceed to give a full acceptance speech where he would acknowledge God, his mother, Diana Ross and magician David Blaine and others, and also declare;

“When I was a little boy growing up in Indiana if someone told me that one day as a musician I’d be getting the artist of the millennium award, I wouldn’t have believed it,”

Oscar 2017 Mix-Up


Translation error crowns Katy Perry in a category meant for Rihanna

In 2009, France’s NRJ Music Awards held in Cannes saw Katy Perry accepting the award for Best International Song. She, however, had to give up the award when it was discovered that the gong was to be awarded to Rihanna. Apparently, Katy Perry won in the Best International Album category for her One of the Boys album which must have eased her embarrassment greatly.

Best Song Prize was given to the wrong winner at the 2016 Mobo awards

In this epic mix-up, the wrong group got to keep their winner status for a full hour before it was taken away. R&B trio WSTRN were mistakenly awarded the trophy for best song for their track In2 at the 2016 Mobo Awards. The actual winner in the category was Abra Cadabra for his song Robbery featuring Krept & Konan.

Hosts Rickie Williams and Melvin Odoom announced the error, explaining “someone picked up the wrong envelope” and apologies were later issued by the organizers who said that “In over 20 years of live TV we’ve never made a mistake like this, but due to human error the wrong winner for best Mobo song was announced tonight.”

Oscar 2017 Mix-Up

Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe goof

When the Oscar 2017 mix-up occurred so many people instantly compared it to Steve Harvey’s unfortunate Miss Universe 2015 goof. Steve Harvey had been the host of the contest and had mistakenly announced the wrong winner. The winner’s sash and crown were put on Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez who was Miss Universe in the tiny moment before Steve Harvey announced that a terrible mistake had been made. The crown was then placed on the head of Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.


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