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Oprah Winfrey Visits A Bank For The First Time Since 1988.

American media mogul Oprah Winfrey participated in the Ellen Burning Questions show for Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube channel. One question the talk show host asked Winfrey was, “What is your ATM code number?”

“I do not have one ,” Oprah replied. “When was the last time you went to the bank, Ellen?”

“A long, long time ago,” replied DeGeneres. “When I deposited, $ 5,000 and I was so excited.”

“Yeah, I went to the bank recently because I had not been to the bank since 1988,” revealed Oprah.

“Why did you go to the bank? Ellen asked.


Oprah Winfrey visits a bank for the first time since 1988 ...

“To deposit a million dollars,” said Oprah.

” Really, like a check?” Ellen continued.

“Yeah, I just wanted to go just to do it. … I’ve been waiting in line, just to do it, “ said Oprah Winfrey

So, how did the billionaire feel after accomplishing this daily task? “Fantastic,” she said.

Winfrey is not the only ultra-rich person to deposit her checks herself. In July, tennis champion Serena Williams revealed in an interview with Uninterrupted, a media company owned by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, that she had attempted to deposit her first million in the bank’s drive-thru.


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