An Open Letter To Obama: Let Belgium Pull Down The Statue Of King Leopold If You Respect Yourself As A Black President

Obama shed tears for victims of terrorism in Brussels, but the root of the problem remains unsolved. 

My condolence to the families of those who have  lost their loved ones in this week’s terror attacks that hit Brussel’s airport. But it’s time to address the issues which have brought this terrible misfortune on Belgium.

Apart from the bad policies of the Belgian government, they have shown to the world that they don’t have value for the lives other human beings, especially Africans, but one thing they have forgotten is Moroccans are also Africans.

The European and the American media will  never publish the facts, instead, they continue to promote hate and racism, bringing discomfort among foreigners and citizens.

How would you feel, if you are an Arab and America or Europe invades Iraq, lying that the country has weapons of mass destruction, then after the destruction of the country, nothing was found?

How would you feel being an Arab, when Europe and America, through Eastern block doctors, deliberately infected Libyan children with HIV virus, then invaded Libya to kill Ghadaffi?

The European and American media continue to pretend they don’t know about this and rather cause panic and fear with unnecessary publications and telecasts.


In America and Europe, you are not called Hitler if you kill 10 million Africans, including children and women. The reason there is a statue of King Leopold II in Brussels, while there is no statue of Adolf Hitler.

The Bible I read daily tells me that God created man in His own image, thus, I understand that everyone is a human being. If America and Europe want to be successful in the fight against terrorism, they should take the lives of Africans and ‘people they don’t consider as human beings’ into consideration, just as they feel for the victims of terrorism at the Brussel’s airport.

The plot of terrorism is unseen, it’s invincible, only by chance, the law gets them. If the ISIS are not planning any terrorism actions, Muslims on African soil are plotting. These people have no conscience and are prepared to die because of their faith.

These are some of the points that make terrorist groups very dangerous, yet Europe and America continue to underestimate them, hanging on bad policies and putting the lives of innocent people in danger. Racism and discrimination are enough. Everyone wants equal rights and justice.

source: Joel Savage


Written by PH

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  1. This is the westernized view for why more support isn’t offered to more countries within the African continent. Why because as I heard it implied during the Boko Haram attacks on the Chibok girls being taken was that Nigeria was never serious about finding those girls in the first place because although the west knew where the Boko hideout was the Nigerians weren’t ready at all to allow a westernized military operation to go in taking complete control over the operation totally eradicating Boko instead they wanted weapons to deal with the problem themselves after years of failure to eradicate them in the first place. This is why Cameroon went in supposedly not willing to cooperate with anything standing in the way of them riding their country of terrorist on their soil Cameroon was locked loaded and shooting for the kill not Hollywood theatrics and the end result they say were members of Boko slaughtered with no care in the world as to how the Nigerians would feel about their brothers laying dead. This angered many so they know how the west feels and I’ve often wondered myself why Africans never questions why if the west feels that all Muslims are so evil then why exactly are there so many Mosque in America? And why did all these apologies go out when Donald Trump said if he’s elected they would be gone? And if they can be empathetic towards Muslims when they want to be then why can’t the continent of Africa without the threat of them warning you that if you continue your support to them then when they attack you don’t come whining to the rest of the world for protection…they have been mocking you for awhile now for the very thing they not only embrace and support but as many now know depending on the group “FUND” maybe they should try supporting true Muslims in eradicating these terrorist and stop playing both sides of the fence I am sorry but I can no longer trust anyone soon many Africans will stop asking these stupid questions and wake up and see what has happened (Islamic Infiltration) and not fall for this orchestrated division let the freedom of the belief to worship differently reign…

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