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Only in Africa: Teamwork, Friendship, Nature. This picture tells it all! Image by Jean Philippe Dugault.

This breathtaking photograph was taken by  Jean Philippe Dugault, it’s one of those #onlyinafrica moments.

Here are some comments on the Africa Geographic facebook page.

That is an amazing snap.. Nature is unpredictable and breathtaking…

Fantastic shot photographer Jean Phillipe Dugault

Wow look at the bird taking a slip too.

He’s got a little mate to drink with

The ox-pecker couldn’t resist…… was a Gin and Tonic drinking hole!!

What an incredible shot!


That is amazing!!! Such a great teamwork

Incredible shot…well done.

I loooooooooooooooooove nature


What are your thoughts, can we have them in the comment box?

only in africa picture


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