Only 6% Of Senegalese Job Seekers Are Qualified – Minister

The question of jobs is resurfacing. The minister in charge of monitoring the emergency community development program has made a startling revelation. Indeed, Souleymane Jules Diop ensures that of the 275,000 job seekers registered each year, only 6% are qualified. “There are 275,000 young jobseekers who come to the labor market every year, and only 6% have a job qualification,” he said.

Souleymane Diop made these remarks during a forum on the social impact of state achievements in Fatick. “The President of the Republic, who became aware of this situation, has taken the option of setting up the Petro-Gas COS, or the National Institute of Oil and Gas to support the vocational training of young people in leading businesses “.

Senegal will make full employment in 5 years
Faced with this situation, the minister in charge of the PUDC ensures that within five years, Senegal will have the opportunity to fill up jobs. “That’s why,” he says, “in the years to come, the challenge is not to have a job, but to have a job qualification”.


Souleymane Jules Diop goes on to indicate the priorities of employment in Senegal. “The challenge is vocational training, educating our children, training them in oil and gas jobs to help young people get out of poverty and ignorance.”

Therefore, the minister recalls that the most developed countries of the world owe their rank to the education and training of their citizens. “Youth is a wealth,” he said.

Rural exodus remains a problem
In his speech, the Minister recalled the problems related to the rural exodus. Indeed, it informs that every year, nearly 150,000 Senegalese leave the rural world for the capital.

Questioned by Afrikmag, Abdoulaye Sakho seems to know the root of the evil: “When you produce wealth, and these riches do not benefit you but benefit other people in the cities, we should not be surprised at such numbers. ” He justified. For this student, “only an equitable distribution of the wealth of the country can help stem this scourge”.

To fight against this phenomenon, the minister Souleymane Diop underlines that the head of the State “has released a budget of 336 billion francs CFA to carry out policies intended to maintain the populations in their territories”.


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