‘One Wife Is Not Enough’ – South African Polygamist Urges Men To Emulate Him

Musa, a 43-year-old businessman from Port Shepstone, KZN, has declared that one wife is not enough.

Speaking to Daily Sun he said his four wives – Busisiwe MaCele, Nokukhanya MaYeni, Thobile Mseleku and Mbali MaNgwabe are happy to be married to him.
He said although some people have criticised him, he wanted to change people’s perceptions of polygamy. “I want to show men that you can be in a polygamous relationship and also be considerate.

My wives impose restrictions on me. I have to be home an hour earlier than them so I can prepare to spend time with all of them,” he said. His wives have nothing but love and praise for him.
Thobile said: “I knew what I was getting into and didn’t have a problem with it. I also come from a polygamous family.” She said the other wives are like sisters to her and they all rely on each other for advice and help.

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