“On the Road to the Third World War”, Trump Loses Significant Support In His Camp

In an interview with the New York Times on October 8, Bob Corker, a Republican senator and former supporter of Donald Trump, opened his doubts about the president, believing that he was leading his country towards the Third World War.

In an interview published on 8 October by the American newspaper The New York Times , Republican Senator Bob Corker spoke of his concerns about the 45th President of the United States.

"On the Road to the Third World War", Trump loses significant support in his camp

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Donald Trump and his former support in 2016 in North Carolina

He believed that Donald Trump was leading his country “on the road to the Third World War” and that it “should worry all those who love this country.”

The outgoing senator, who announced that he would not run for another term in the November 2018 elections, had been approached as a running mate of Donald Trump. This time is long gone. The two politicians are now engaging by media and Twitter interposed. When the 45th US president charges Bob Corker on Twitter, the latter responds to him in the same way.

The White House has “become a nursery”, according to Bob Corker

Bob Corker said: “I regret that the White House has become an adult crèche.”

He was reacting to a charge by the president that he had refused to support the senator for another term, which would have sparked his anger.


“Senator Bob Corker begged me to support him to be re-elected in Tennessee. I said NO and he gave up (he said he could not win without my support). He also asked to be Secretary of State. I said NO THANK YOU. He is largely responsible for this atrocious Iranian accord! As such, I fully expect Corker to be part of the negative voices and to get in the way of our major program. He did not have the courage to be a candidate. ”

Will the United States “sink into chaos”?

In an interview with local television station Tennessee WCTV on August 17, Bob Corker had already expressed his doubts about Donald Trump, saying that the president had “not yet managed to demonstrate of the stability he should have shown. “These words had been dropped when Donald Trump tried to manage the outbreak of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia .

On October 4, the outgoing senator of Tennessee had then estimated to the microphone of CNN  that if “the United States did not fall into the chaos”, it was thanks to the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Minister of Defense Jim Mattis and White House Secretary General John Kelly.

A Republican Senator since 2007, Bob Corker has served as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate since 2015. He holds a prominent position in several top diplomatic issues, such as Iran, Russia and North Korea.


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