On Its Nuclear Program, North Korea “Will Not Back An Inch”, According To A Diplomat  

A North Korean representative participating in a disarmament forum meant his country’s refusal to negotiate its nuclear program. The diplomat also accused South Korea and the United States of conducting an “aggressive war scenario”.

North Korea remains on its guard. “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will never put its nuclear deterrent on the negotiating table,” said Ju Yong-chol, a North Korean diplomat quoted by Reuters. “Korea will not deviate from the path it has traced in order to strengthen its national nuclear force,” he added at a UN forum in Geneva on 22 August 2017 devoted to disarmament.

The North Korean diplomat said the US and South Korea joint military maneuvers , dubbed “Ulchi Freedom Guardian”, constituted an “aggressive war scenario”.  The annual bilateral exercise Ulchi Freedom Guardian has just resumed this 21 August and will end 31.

On its nuclear program, North Korea "will not back an inch", according to a diplomat
Illustration © Damir Sagolj / Reuters

“As long as the hostile policy of the United States and the nuclear threat are not countered, North Korea will not put its nuclear deterrent force on the negotiating table,” he said.


After several weeks of escalation between Washington and Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had opened the door of negotiations on 15 August . The leader then paused his missile firing project near the US island of Guam in the Pacific, in order “to observe a little more of the idiotic behavior of the Yankees,” in his words. The next day, US President Donald Trump welcomed Kim Jong-un’s decision as “wise.”

In a war of  crescendo words , on August 8, the US leader had threatened North Korea with the “fire” and “anger” of the United States, raising fears of a nuclear conflict between the two countries. For more than a decade, the international community, relying in particular on a UN Security Council resolution of 2006, is pressing Pyongyang that the North Korean power is giving up its nuclear military program.


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