On-demand Delivery Service, Movestack Launched In Ghana

Ghanaian startup Movestack has launched its on-demand last mile delivery and logistics platform, which connects consumers and businesses to a network of “stackers” through its app in order to outsource deliveries.

Launched in October by Miracle Anyanwu and Edwin Roger after they graduated from the Y Combinator Startup School programme, Movestack allows customers to place orders, which it then allocates to available available “stackers”, or delivery agents.


“Our stackers run either an errand order, which involves a stacker purchasing an item on your behalf and delivering it to a set destination, or pickup and drop-off, where a stacker only picks up an item and delivers it to a set destination,” Anyanwu told reporter.

“Stackers on Movestack can join as an on-foot stacker, a stacker with a bike, or a stacker that owns a car.”

The startup is targeting small to medium sized businesses in need of delivery services.

“Our aim is to enable every business to deliver packages when they want to without having to purchase their own delivery fleet,” Anyanwu said.

The self-funded Movestack, which charges a 20 per cent commission on every completed delivery, has already signed up a number of courier services, and 40 stackers, and has had over 30 users so far.

“When it comes to uptake, we have users placing orders but some of them get cancelled due to the lack of stackers in their location. To solve this problem, we are signing up the fleets of courier service companies,” said Anyanwu.


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