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Omphalomancy; Here’s What Shape Of Belly Button Says About Your Personality

As we are aware of the fact that different people have different belly shapes. But I bet you have never thought that these different forms of belly buttons can tell a lot about you and your overall personality.

Omphalomancy is known as the study of navel shapes. This article has also further explained the process of divination that can determine how many offspring a mother can produce during her entire lifetime. This theory is also explained on the basis of the shape of navels. To know more about yourself continue reading the article.

1) Protruding Navel
This represents a strong personality. But many times, these people are stubborn and persevering in nature. You are the one who sticks to your beliefs and thoughts after having a strong consideration. You always wish to be the centre of attraction wherever you go. You always appreciate and promote love and affection and that’s the main reason why you are failed to find an honest partner easily. But once you are in a relationship, it will last forever.


2) Large and Deep Navel
These type of people are very kind in nature comprising a big heart. That’s the reason behind your generosity. You are prudent because of several personal life experiences. You never change yourself especially when the society expects you to do so.

3) Small and Shallow Navel
These type of navel generally represents an individual’s dark personality. You are practical in nature and mature enough to understand the game of fake people. You are trustworthy too and you are the one who trusts only your closed ones. Your scepticism is acceptable enough as you have wide life experiences.

4) Downward Navel
It is precisely the reverse kind of the previous one. Such people comprises of low energy level and that’s why they are not at all interested in manual work or any kind of physical activities. Your laziness makes you smart as you try to explore new techniques for achieving your task.

5) Oval Shape Navel
Such people are hyperactive and hypersensitive. Work is your life and you without it you are an impatient person. Since you are sensitive in nature you get hurt easily as you take things seriously due to your impractical behaviour. This is the main reason behind your introvert behaviour.

6) Wide Belly Button
They are cautious in nature. They are always ready to cope with any kind of situation. You are the one who always trusts only your closed ones. The main principle of your life which you follow is “you serve to people in the same way which they deserve”.


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