OMG!! This Man Slept With Thirteen Women And This happened To All Thirteen Friends At Once

A shocked Black Guy

The image is simple and shows a man standing in the middle flanked on both sides by heavily pregnant ladies.

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However, if you’re awed or surprised reading this piece of news, we would advise you to take it with dollops of salt.

According to the post being shared, the man married the 13 women and all are friends with each other. The women are extremely comfortable together and “share” their husband in peace. There’s no ill-will or bad blood between them.

Also, all the women are pregnant at the same time! But naturally, the stages of their pregnancy are different and all the women combined are in different stages with there being a difference of 3-5 weeks between their pregnancies. However, for the man, the moment is extremely precious and happy and as it looks for the wives from the picture seen.

Also, according to the news being circulated, the law of the country they reside in,  allows the custom.

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