Omarion Cautions Fans After Catfishing Victim Assumed She Was Engaged To Him

Omarion Speaks Out After Woman Claims Shes Engaged To Him Sent Him 4500 Be Smart Family


Omarion, an R&B artist, resorted to social media to warn his followers after a catfishing victim who appeared on Dr. Phil said she was engaged to the singer. However it came out that the woman was speaking to a catfish impersonating the artist. In addition to asking the woman, Simone, to marry him, the catfish duped her out of $4,500, according to Vibe.

“Be smart family,” the Ice Box singer shared on Instagram on Monday. “So many people have stories saying they spoke with me online. I don’t take advantage of people. I respect and appreciate people who support me.”

During her appearance on the show, Simone revealed that she was unable to see the 38-year-old musician because his “management” demanded a $3,000 charge. She further stated that she has been in communication with her alleged boyfriend since October 2020 and that she accepted his marriage proposal last year.

When Simone appeared unconvinced when Omarion’s management attempted to clarify some points to her during an appearance on the show, the reality began to sink in when the singer himself addressed the issue in a video message.

“It’s crazy to how far these people we go to convince and manipulate my fans to think that they are actually speaking with me,” the Bump, Bump, Bump singer said. “From sending fake driver’s licenses and passports and even FaceTiming them claiming that it was a bad connection.”

Omarion also rendered a direct apology to Simone and also let her know they are not romantically involved.



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