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Omar al-Bashir: The Mother of the Ousted Sudanese President Makes Special Request to the Authorities

Omar El Bechir, who is now called the former Sudanese president, was ousted last April 11 following popular demonstrations against his 30 years in power. It will be remembered that it was in 1989 that El Bechir sought the supreme office after a coup d’etat. After his recent removal and arrest, a transitional military council has been in business and since then no official information has been provided on the former head of state.


No official announcement has been made on his state of health, nor on his place of detention even less on his conditions of detention. But the international press revealed that Omar El Bechir was first placed under house arrest and then transferred to Kobar prison on April 17, a high security prison. In view of the situation, on Monday, April 29, the mother of the former Sudanese president expressed a wish to the authorities of the transitional power.

The international media reports that the former Sudanese president has decided to challenge his conditions of detention which would have resulted in a stroke. Although the international press has said that his condition has been stabilized, the regional press indicates that his condition is critical because he had to ”  feed him and make him take drugs by force  .”

Overwhelmed by so much noise on his son, the mother of the former president, would have asked to visit him and inquire about his situation as well as that of Abudallah and Abbas Bashir the brothers of the former president.

According to the international press, Bashir’s mother is a woman of simple condition, a peasant woman of Arab origin from the Al-Bedairyya Al-Dahmashyya Bedouin tribe. She would have settled with her husband, a farmer, in Hosh Bannaga, north of Khartoum, where Omar was born. Married twice, the former president would have no descendants.


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