OJ Simpson Claims His Deceased Ex-Wife Confessed She Was Having A Romantic Affair With His Friend

Nicole Brown confessed she was having a romantic affair with her ex-husband’s very good friend Allen Marcus, OJ Simpson claims. The former football big name made the revelation during an interview with Judith Regan on “OJ: The Lost Confession,” a Fox special that aired this past Sunday night.

Simpson also expressed his anger at former wife Brown for dying and leaving their daughter Sydney without a mother.

Eve Chen, Brown’s friend, added some chilling details to the conversation when she spoke on a panel during the aired special.

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“I remember during that time, the family got a call from the cemetery and said, ‘He’s here,’” said Chen. “They said, ‘He’s here and we’re scared because he’s screaming at Nicole’s grave. Just screaming at it.’”

Simpson said Brown confessed to him during a night out for dinner after they had parted ways.

“She was alone and looks lonely and I said, ‘Let’s go have a bite to eat,’” Simpson explained in the interview.

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“I was telling her about Marcus Allen’s fiance Kathryn, I was hosting their wedding at my house, and Nicole was crying. It got to the point that I said, ‘It can’t be that sad, right?’ And she said that Marcus was not my friend.”


Simpson said he didn’t quite understand what Brown was talking about and so he asked her if there was something between the two of them and she said “Yes.”

Simpson said he asked Brown why she was telling him about the affair and she revealed to him that Marcus still kept on calling her despite the wedding in just a few weeks.

On that night, Simpson and Brown ended up having a sexual affair, according to his book “If I Did It.” He also revealed that Marcus later made up his mind and apologized to him over his affair with Brown.

Marcus has, however, denied ever having any s*xual relationship with Brown.

NFL agent Mike Gilbert said in the “OJ: Made in America” documentary that after Brown stopped a brief attempt to work things out between her and Simpson, the former NFL star warned her that he’d kill her would she see Marcus again.

The talk about an affair between Marcus and Brown isn’t just coming up now; it had been rumored for a while back in the days, but Marcus has consistently denied ever having s*xual relationship with Brown.



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