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Offset Opens Up About Crashing Cardi B’s Set

Rapper Offset has been trying his best to win his estranged wife, Cardi B back since she announced their split on Instagram recently.

From leaving her social media apologies to crashing her set, Offset is determined to make sure that Cardi B sees him as a changed man.

His recent antics of winning the mother of his child back was to crash her set and bum-rushing the “I Like It” rapper on stage. He received backlash for this from many fans who believe he should let Cardi B alone after all he has put her through.

Offset has however addressed the situation and explained the rationale on why he felt the need to do this so publicly. He says that since all of his wrongs have been made public and as such he feels it’s only right to make his apologies just as transparent.


Offset threw what seemed on the surface like a Hail Mary, by slinking on stage at the Rolling Loud Concert as headliner Cardi B performed her set. She was a few songs into her performance Saturday night in L.A. at the Banc of California Stadium Grounds, when suddenly a sign made of roses was rolled out on stage that said,

“Take Me Back Cardi.” Offset then appeared out of nowhere. He told Cardi, the crowd and the world,

“I just want to tell you I’m sorry, babe.”

Offset also sounds like he is annoyed by people criticising him online for what many considered to be a cringe-worthy move while Cardi B was working.

It waits to be seen if the rap couple will get back together although Cardi B continues to maintain that she is not getting back with her baby daddy.

It would be recalled that shortly after she announced their split, rumours emerged that she split from him because he was planning a threesome sex with two other women identified as Summer Buni and Cuban Doll. Cuban Doll has since denied this saying she has never spoken to or met with Offset although Summer Bunni on her part apologised to Cardi B for ruining her marriage.


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