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OFFICIAL: President Vladimir Putin Ends English And French Names In Russia!!

Stop unusual names: President Vladimir Putin has just signed a law prohibiting giving strange <English and French> nonsensical names to children when they register.

More unusual and extravagant names: Vladimir Putin signed a law prohibiting giving children first names with numbers, insults, punctuation and professions.

Moreover, the law provides that the child may bear the surname of his father, his mother or both linked by a hyphen. The final choice is made by the parents of the newborn.


The law in question had already been approved by both houses of the Russian parliament. Prior to that date, parents were not limited in choosing a name for their child. In the early 2000s, a couple wanted to name their son BOTchrVF260602 (abbreviation for “Biological object of the Man of the Voronin-Frolov clan, born June 26, 2002). This is what prompted members of the legislative proposal. The accompanying note specifies that the young person in question still lives without identity papers.

It is not unusual for Russians to give unusual names to their children: in Moscow only boys named Nikolai-Nukita-Nil, Delfin (dolphin), Luka-Stchastié (happiness) Summerset Ocean and girls Polina -Polina, Princessa Daniella (Princess Daniella), Aprel (April) and Sofia-Solnychko (Sophie petit oleil).

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