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OFFICIAL!! President Donald Trump Finally Publishes His Tax Return!! It’s really huge….

Donald Trump Publishes Tax Returns

The president of the United States of American has done what many thought he won’t possibly do. He has always refused to publish his tax returns, contrary to the political tradition, pretexting the tax inspections that he has been subjected to for years. Donald Trump was forced to publish a document dating back to 2005 that displays several million dollars of payment.

 His Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton had made a campaign argument to win the race at the Oval Office, and since 2016 the media had been looking for Donald Trump’s tax records. They were to be used to determine the businessman’s sources of income and possible conflicts of interest, particularly abroad, of the person who was to become President.

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This March 14, we already know a little more about the finances of Ivanka Trump’s dad. The billionaire paid $ 36.5 million in tax on more than $ 152.7 million in revenues, according to a statement in 2005, airworthy by journalist Rachel Maddow (on MSNBC). This corresponds to an effective rate of about 24%.

A find that is nothing extraordinary, has tackled the White House. A few minutes before the airing, for this announcement which was to be a shock, the team of Donald Trump cut the grass under the feet of Rachel Maddow by publishing the said document accompanied by a declaration of a person in charge Covered with anonymity.

It says, “Mr. TRUMP PAID $ 38 MILLION, after heavily depreciating buildings, over $ 150 million in revenue,” said an executive official under Covered with anonymity. Despite the high amount of income and tax paid, it is totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns. ” And to conclude, “You really have to be desperate with the hearings to want to break the law in order to sell a topic on two pages of tax declarations dating back more than a decade.” In the teeth!

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