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OFFICIAL: Ivory Coast’s Ex-Minister To Laurent Gbagbo Sentenced

In Côte d’Ivoire, the vice continues to tighten around the relatives of former President Laurent Gbagbo. Former Defense Minister Lida Kouassi Moïse and three other soldiers were sentenced Thursday, January 18 to 15 years in prison.

The Abidjan Assize Court sentenced Lida Kouassi Moïse and his three co-defendants to 15 years in prison for conspiracy against state authority. They are accused of having organized a platform to overthrow President Alassane Ouattara’s regime in 2012.


After three days in front of the court and three hours of deliberation, the sentence suggested by the public prosecutor who was 20 years was revised downward. However, the former minister’s lawyer promises to appeal the sentence. Mr. Bobré, very bitter, says that  “this trial had no other goal than to settle the account of Laurent Gbagbo, but by Lida Kouassi interposed” .

On the other hand, Mr. Soungalo, representing the interests of the Ivorian State shows his satisfaction, relying on documents that would have been found in the Togolese home of Mr. Lida Kouassi.

“Winners’ justice”

On their side, the pro-Gbagbo speak of “justice of the victors”. They can not understand the fact that only supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo are in court. To avoid the same fate, others prefer to stay away from their country.

Several relatives and supporters of the former president such as Simone Gbagbo (the former First Lady), former ministers Assoa Adou and Hubert Oulaye, officers of the gendarmerie Anselme Séka Yapo and Jean-Noël Abéhi, General Bruno Dogbo Wheat, the former commander of the Republican Guard are in prison. And this list is not exhaustive.


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